Online Estimating Course

Access the course online, anywhere at anytime


Receive an Industry Certificate in Estimating and Tendering



Receive a reference for your endeavours from a senior estimator or senior quantity surveyor


Finally an estimating course that will give you a qualification without taking years of study, at a fraction of the cost.

Study at your own pace, in your own place. No classes to attend.

Based on current industry methods for construction tendering/estimating, using First Principles.

Whether you are an estimator already working in the industry that wants certification, a school leaver or just looking for a career change, this course will help you towards a career as an estimator.

98% of our students are currently employed in the construction industry, and we work closely with employment agents to help find our students employment in the industry.

Due to popular demand, we now offer a Civil Estimating course, based on current industry methods.

What our graduates have to say…

“Thank you very much for the advice, instruction and support.
I very much enjoyed the course
I now understand fully and appreciate the importance of Estimating and will seek roles in the industry to advance my skill set.”

Grant R

“Thanks a lot for your expert tuition and seeing me through the course. This course was so ideal for me, enabling me to do it in my own time! Any advice for the future from NZAE will be much appreciated by me!!  One day I might do the Civil construction course!”

Ivan B

“Many, many, thanks for your valuable time and support so that I could complete such a valuable course. I am excited about getting a certificate and beginning my career here in New Zealand. Once I have started in an estimator job, I would love to continue on the Civil course as well. Many thanks again, I highly appreciated your wonderful teaching method and I learned very a lot about New Zealand estimating and can now confidently work as an estimator in the construction area.”

Rico K

“The layout of the course is well designed. Excel sheets are well prepared and easily understandable.
The course is capable of making students understand the basics of elemental estimating and how things are done in the industry.”

Maryanne W

“Thanks, I am very pleased to have completed the course and glad I persevered! Thank you for all your direction and advice along the way.”

Paul G

“Will advise others to do this course also”

Anna T

“This course and area of work is something I really enjoy and want to continue. Already I have found it very beneficial to my current job and want to see how much further I can take this.”

Scott P